Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio

Browse a few examples of some of the Shopify and WordPress websites I have designed recently. Remember, everyone has their own taste and business objectives. You’ll be able to talk about how you would like your website and your plans for it’s success! If this sounds like something you would be interested in feel free to call us today for a free quote.

Backpacking essentials website


This is my other website designed using Shopify as a web building platform. It’s easy to use and greared for online shops.
I have learned a lot about how to make a proffesional website on this platform. I think it’s a great option if you are looking for something more premium. I have written about the benefits of using Shopify over WordPress on my blog.
Visit my website selling travel essentials.
Shopify, Mobile Responsive, eCommerce, Responsive Web Design

Talos Protection

A project for security in Bournemouth using WordPress. It’s designed to be affordable for the early stages of the business while being scalable as it grows.
The website is on a Premium Hosting server that helps the website loads fast. Having fast load speed give it an improved the user experience for visitors on the website. It’s designed to look great on any device so it looks professional on any screen size. Visit the security company website
New Website, WordPress, Bournemouth, Premium Server, Responsive Web Design


This is built with WordPress for a plumber that wanted a professional website. It’s designed to have a good user experience for visitors to navigate easily.
The customer needed help with adding content so I helped him with ideas based on his competitors. I created a unique looking Google maps design for the contact page. I also added all the elements to help build trust with his potential customers.
As a service where the plumber visits you it was important to build that trust with the customer. They want to see the business is trustworthy so they can confident to pick up the phone. Visit the plumbers website
WordPress, New Website, Responsive Web Design, Premium Theme, Edinburgh Web Design

Kilburn Thai Massage Centre

This is a web design for a Thai Spa in London that was looking more a more professional look and ability to book online from the website.
I hand-selected a premium WordPress theme geared towards spas. I worked with the client to add professional images they were happy with.
Inbuilt into the website are all the tools needed to book appointments online for different treaments. This is affordable with free tools that are scalable as the business grows. It has been set up to take payments with Paypal so it’s free and easy to use. Visit the Thai Spa website
WordPress, Re-design, Online Shop, Thai Spa Website

Taipei Expats

Taipei Expats is run by Adrian Rainbow from Taiwan and I sometimes work with him on projects. His website is proving very popular with expats in Taiwan.
His website loads fast and has lots of features including social networking functionality. Visitors can register a user account and there will soon be an online shop for merchandise. Visit the Taipei Expats website
WordPress Web Design, Premium Theme, BuddyPress, Social Networking, Blog, SEO, Marketing, Taipei

Cup of Bean

This is a web project near me using a drag-an-drop style web building platform called Weebly. If you are looking for a website like this, please contact me and I will see how we can help.
I want to help small businesses that don’t have a website or have a website that needs to be re-designed. Please get in touch if you are looking for an affordable new website and we can talk you through the next steps.
Coffee Shop Web Design, Weebly Web Design, New Build, Affordable, Local, Bournemouth