8 Most Important Considerations to Help you Choose a Web Designer
If you’re a small business, you might now feel as though you need a website to reach out to more customers. Websites are a great way to make your website more ‘real’ and ‘authentic’, more so than a social media profile. Choosing a web designer can be difficult as there are so many different factors. It’s a big investment and...
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3 Reasons a Website Can Benefit your Business
A small to medium-sized business without a website nowadays is like a home without a washing machine. Could you live without a washing machine? Didn’t think so. Can a company survive without a website? We don’t think so, we think a company website is vital for business. Let us explain… 1. Having a website will attract new customers to your...
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3 Ways Social Media is good for search rankings
The relationship between social media and SEO isn’t at all clear cut… but it does exist, and it can help you rank #1 if you understand it. In this guide, we’ll share the latest advice on the relationship between social media and SEO, and what you need to do to get search ranking benefits from your social presence (spoiler – it may not be...
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3 Reasons for a Mobile Responsive Website
First off, a mobile responsive website is one that automatically scales to fit the device it's being viewed on. This ensures that all the elements of the page fit properly and are clear and easy to navigate, no more pinching and zooming. With mobile usage on this rise this more important than ever! We are going to cover 3 reasons...
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Woman on mobile phone
What you need to know about 5G
What exactly is 5G? Some of you might have heard about 5G in the news of by a geeky friend who knows the latest technology. This article is here to help you get up to speed and get clued up on what 5G is all about ahead of time. 5G or 'fifth generation mobile networks' is going to be the...
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User Experience Design Bournemouth
What is a UX/UI Designer?
Both UX/UI designers look at the design and layout of the website but from different vantage points. Both want the website to be a good experience for the end user to use. "UX designers are primarily concerned with how the product feels. A given design problem has no single right answer. UX designers explore many different approaches to solving a specific...
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Mobile User Experience
Understanding the Thumb Rule
While a thumb can sweep most of the screen on all but the most oversized phones, only a third of the screen is truly effortless territory: at the bottom, on the side opposite the thumb. Sources
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