We are BWR and this is our Brand

Our Logo

This is our logo, we like it a lot. It forms the most significant feature of the BWR Web Design corporate identity and should be used on all aspects of branded communication. The logo can appear like it does below or just as the target symbol. Our logo should never be altered, tilted or distorted on any application.

Using Our Logo

The following is the clear zone rule for the BWR logo. The logo should always appear with a minimum area of clear space around it. This area should be free from any type or graphic element. The blue area indicates the exclusion zone. You can use the “c” from the logo to measure the exclusion zone.


Our colours are grey and white, as we like colour to come from the images we use. However colour can be added for calls to action and to highlight information.


The BWR brand font is Montserrat. For main headings, sub headings and anything you want to stand out we use Montserrat Bold. Body copy should be used in Book.



Montserrat / Montserrat Italic
Bold / Bold Italic
Black / Black Italic