Standard Web Design Package

12-month plan for the development & maintenance of a WordPress website.

You will have full control over the content and your domain confirmed in writing as agreed in the contract. All websites are designed and built to be SEO and mobile device ready and easy to update yourself.

This includes

  • Fast Website Hosting – Hosted on a 123-reg premium server
  • Support for one day per month for maintenance & design changes
  • Extra support £15p/h- when there is an overflow of work

Doesn’t include

  • Paid Add-Ons – Such as paid services, images or add-ons
  • PPC, SEO Services – These can be outsources for an extra charge
  • Advanced features – Such payment functionality
  • Out of hours support – Outside of Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm

This is a 12-month contract and you are free to lower or raise the monthly cost after that year is up. You can even decide not to renew but we are confident you won’t want to.