Started as a Side Hustle

I have built this business from home with my passion for sharing information and taught myself to code and build this to the business it is today.

Ever since I’ve grown up I’ve been around computers, the internet and technology has always been an interest of mine. I grew up in a big house where I remember connecting up the computers with Ethernet cables. This passion for connecting each other with information remains in me till this day.

When I was in school, I started my interest in making websites by uploading the kind of detail I would now put on Facebook by uploading a Word Document. News of this spread amongst my friendship group and I even got an award at school for most likely to build websites, and here I am today.

Since leaving school I’ve worked in a few different jobs and building websites for people has usually been my side hustle. I was always interested to design and build something that can be shared around the world. Often, I was learning how to code and make websites in my spare time and build small project from what I learned.

The world wide web has of course changed and advanced a lot since I was younger. I have remained passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends. I used to build simple websites, usually with some more advanced code and brought it together buy building them on a content management platform called WordPress.

Around the time I was really coming into my element with building websites, the internet was increasingly being used on mobile devices. As a result, I was learning more about Responsive Web Design from online articles and integrating that into my websites. I wanted to build websites that other business with no technical expertise can ue and manage. 

Start of the company

As you can see it’s become less of a side hustle and now it’s a freelance design company to help small businesses in the UK. My business was just in my name to start with, then it was ‘Be Web Responsive’ because we want to design websites that works across devices. It’s now called BWR Web Design as an acronym of this, making it clearer what the company does. I probably plan to make the company name a bit more succinct in the future but for now this works perfectly fine.

This is a business that has been built and developed from home and sometimes in coffee shops around Bournemouth. The main focus is on creating an affordable, professional websites that work on mobile devices and are search engine friendly. As I mentioned, this has usually been a side hustle and as a fallback, last year I’ve really been brave enough for this to be a full-time business. It’s a way for me to fully use my passion everyday to help businesses create websites that bring out the best of their business, and I can grow and learn new things along the way. I get a real buzz out of creating a website, seeing it go live and seeing it grow and improve, always have and always will.

Web Designer in Bournemouth

It’s important that the usability of the websites I make are clear and well designed, otherwise known as having a good ‘User Experience’ or ‘UX’. This has become increasingly important for websites to rank well, as Google knows it’s important that the site is clear and well designed. As a result, I try my best to keep my knowledge of this up to date. I read the book ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ which was the beginning of that journey of understanding User Experience. I want to make all my websites as clear and easy to understand as possible so that they build trust and generate business for customers. 

The Business Now

I’m always interested to hear about company’s business plans and how they want a website to help them grow. Even though social media platforms are great, a website helps to bring it all together. It helps to make a business feel more ‘real’ and trustworthy, it gives you a solid foundation to grow your brand and audience, especially on Google.

When people contact me for the first time, usually the things they care about most are the charges for a website, its search ranking performance and its use on mobile devices. As you can see, this has become something every business owner cares about now, and for good reason. It’s very standard now for websites to work on mobile devices, Google knows this, and it’s now a ranking factor which can prevent you from getting valuable visitors to your website.


My Mission from Now On

Over the past several years websites have become a lot more versatile than ever, with increasing use on mobile and tablet devices. Also, it’s never been more important that your website are competitive, clear, informative and well-designed. It’s my passion from the start that I keep all this in mind and that I grow my knowledge of this on a regular basis.

As I continue to make this my focal point, I want to make this clear how much I’m passionate about this and how much I can help from the start. I’m aware that there is always something new to learn and want to find solutions to problems both as they arise and ideally before they arise.

I want to help business customers with every aspect of creating their online presence that they in vision, and maybe a little more. I’m just one person and can’t be skilled in all of this, so I want to subcontract in skilled people in areas I’m not so strong in. With this collaborative approach, I can work with other freelancers, keeping costs low and deliver better results to help meet customer needs.

As my business develops and I get more types of queries and new challenges, it helps me find new ways to solve problems. Being an area I’m passionate about, I enjoy helping businesses solve their problems with websites and learning new things along the way.

With the current political and economic climate it’s important that I have a business that runs well working with other UK businesses. I want to keep up to date with the latest news on how Brexit will affect my business and other businesses in the UK. With the high chance leaving the EU without a deal with have a negative impact on business, it’s important to be well informed and prepared. I might seek to get some Estonian eResidence to help keep my business very open to opportunities both in out outside the United Kingdom. As ultimately, being able to work remotely is something I want to make use of and potentially build websites from different countries.

My ambitions and aspirations are high, I want to help and support business meet their goals on a regular basis. I want to work remotely doing what I love and help others to do what they love as well have time to spend with my family. I plan for this to be not just me being a ‘freelancer’ but a proud small business owner.