About Us

About BWR Web Design

BWR Web Design was started by David Jenner as a freelance business to help small businesses. It started off as Be Web Responsive because we want you to have a responsive website that works across devices.

We are a Bournemouth based web design company that focuses on creating an affordable, mobile responsive website. It’s important that the usability of the site is clear and well designed.

David Jenner has a passion for technology and design and wants to use it to help make the web a great place. It’s important that nobody is left in the dark with a website that is outdated.

While we want to serve business customers we still want to be a friendly and cool company. We keep our skills up to date, work with others who have different strengths and provide the best service possible.

While other people have had bad experiences with developers we want to be open and provide on-going support. We tell you when we don’t know something and are not afraid to take on challenges and learn new things as we grow.

I have worked with Adrian Rainbow and we both share this passion to do what we love and not in jobs we hate. We have worked together on different projects and come a long way since then. As well as web design we can now support you with SEO, UX, marketing, social media, hosting and Google Adwords.

But enough about us, we’d like to hear all about you! If you’d like to talk with BWR about your online business, we’re all ears and full of great ideas for your next step on the web. We might love digital communication, but we’re comfortable using analogue phones too. You can reach us the old fashioned way on 0333 4044 377 or drop us an email at [email protected].