What is a UX/UI Designer?

User Experience Design Bournemouth

Both UX/UI designers look at the design and layout of the website but from different vantage points. Both want the website to be a good experience for the end user to use.

“UX designers are primarily concerned with how the product feels. A given design problem has no single right answer. UX designers explore many different approaches to solving a specific user problem.”

Fast Company

This means that you need to have a good understanding of what the user wants and be able to cater to their needs. This is at the basic requirement, but ideally, you would want it to be a clear, convincing and pleasurable experience.

What is good UX Design?

The most important part of making a website look good is the design of it, but how do you measure that?

Design’ is a word that’s come to mean so much that it’s also a word that has come to mean nothing.

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